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New and used video games, movies, and even posters are just some of the great products Vintage Stock has to offer.  But they only sold the products in their brick-and-mortar locations, and had no way of selling them online.  Magento e-commerce with complex data imports and inventory management is what Vintage Stock needed to put their entire used and new inventory online.  Webviously was proud to partner with another company, IDP, in building the solution for this product.  


It doesn't take long working in the e-commerce field before you hear of a product called Magento.  It is an open source product with enterprise licensing options, that was built to fill the void in open source e-commerce.  For a long time, there were many open source platforms on which on could build an online store.  However, when you wanted them to more complex things like bundled products, dynamic discounts, or integrate with obscure payment systems, things rapidly fell apart.  Magento was designed to be highly customizable, and to thrive under incredibly complex requirements.  Magento also does a great job with search engine optimization (SEO), managing keywords, and getting all the various SEO pieces in the right place.  It can also automatically push products into Google Product Search for even greater marketing visibility.

Our partners, IDP, had built a fully functional Magento commerce site, but needed a good way to get up-to-date price and inventory feeds into the system from multiple sources. Also, due to the enormous volume of products on the site, it was extremely important that products could be automatically added without human intervention.

Automated Data Imports

Webviously worked directly with IDP to customize and streamline a data import system to run multiple times every day, allowing new releases to be added to the site even before they become available for sale.  Webviously also helped to build and optimize server platforms that could sustain the level of traffic Vintage Stock was expecting.

Vintage Stock was excited to launch their new site in time for the Black Friday holiday rush, and is now focusing their energy on additional features and marketing to increase sales traffic, both in-store and online.

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