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Email.  Its the thing you check fifty times a day - delivered to your computer, your phone, your tablet, and soon your watch. Its a powerful tool you use every day to communicate with your customers, suppliers and distributors. At the same time, you wade through thousands of solicitations for your money to purchase pharmaceuticals ranging from hair growth to, well... you've already had the misfortune of reading them once. No need to rehash the subject!

Everyone should read your email. The problem is that you likely are not using it correctly, and now no one reads your messages.

Maybe you already have an email newsletter. We hate to break it to you, but it is probably driving your customers mad.

Maybe you already send out advertisements. But really your customers are just deleting them.

Really, is anyone actually reading the marketing you send? Probably not. Why? Because you're very good at producing highly irrelevant content and spamming your customers with it. You have unwittingly become the very thing you hate - an annoying spammer.

What is the best way to ensure your message gets read? Some statistics say to send it on Tuesday - assuming you can wait a few days!  But a much easier way is to simply make it the most relevant email in your customer's in box. More than likely, the email addresses you send to belong to individuals who have already expressed interest in your business, product or service. They may have even given you money. Don't repay their charity by sending them junk email. Send them information that will make their lives better, that will help them make informed decisions, or even that entertain them. Make them look forward to emails from you. Position your company as a valuable resource in their lives.

At the same time, make sure not to overload them with information. Try to write concise content, and use as little of their time as possible to communicate powerful, relevant messages.

To underscore this point, consider that Google's recent addition to Gmail was three default categories in everyone's email inbox.  First is important stuff, then social media emails, and then promotions.  As email goes into their system, they analyze its content to figure out how relevant it is.  If it looks like a promotion, guess where its going to end up.  In my own personal Gmail account, I actually never make it over to that tab.  At the moment, I have 5,741 unread promotional emails in my inbox.  If one of those is a marketing message from your company, I apologize.  Make it relevant and I promise to read it!

If you can make your messages relevant, your business will stand out to your customer. They will begin to depend on you for information, and your enterprise will be respected, remembered and favored when it comes time for the customer to spend their money.

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