Re-branding an existing company is never an easy task, especially in an industry that already has lots of competition.  However, Webviously was able to help an accounting firm in Marco Island, Florida do just that - and do it well!  TruPayroll is their new brand, and their flagship product is an easy-to-use online payroll service.  The challenge was to make the online marketing presence and signup just as easy to use as their product.

Drupal and SugarCRM

The company already had a sales-force automation tool for customer and lead management, SugarCRM, and the owners were already familiar with Drupal content management systems.  So Webviously worked to build a unique web presence for the new brand that was clean, simple, and straight-forward, while connecting to their existing lead-generation systems in a mobile-friendly way.

Email Campaigns and Signups

Working with TruPayroll, Webviously created targeted landing pages for email campaigns, driving traffic with through an online test drive and sign up forms.  By using a handy mobile Javascript library known as JQuery Mobile, Webviously built a mobile-enabled pricing calculator with a very easy to use feel, helping further accentuate the simplicity of their product.  The pricing form pushes traffic to the sign up form, which then feeds information directly into SugarCRM.

Happy Clients = Good Business

All this automation and integration allows TruPayroll to focus on face-to-face customer interactions, rather than data entry.  One of the top comments from TruPayroll's clients underscores this fact.  They all rave about the great people and service at TruPayroll - how they can always get a hold of a live person to help with any issues.  All these happy clients help generate more referrals for TruPayroll, and business is booming! 

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