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Is it possible to simplify utility meter readings for nearly 1/2 million properties and over 15 million reads per year?  When Webviously is involved, the answer is yes! A small utility meter reading company in the midwest had a problem.  They were currently processing over 15 million utility meter reads per year - over 1700 per hour on average - from networked meters all over the United States.  Their customers range from large apartment communities to landlords with only a few properties, from strip malls to entire military bases.  And they all needed to be able to access and report on their electric, water, and gas meter readings and network status in real time.  

Custom Yii and Postgresql Application

To satisfy all of the project requirements, Webviously built a custom web application from the ground up, including a replicated and partitioned Postgresql database capable of receiving, reporting on, and archiving meter reads in real-time as they come in from the meters.  The web application had to be user-friendly, and be as easy to use for property managers whether they had 2 or 200,000 properties to look at.  Innovative layouts and navigation ensure that any property meter, and its readings, are never more than 3 clicks away.  And PDF and Excel reports can be generated similarly with just a few clicks.  Custom reports can be requested and then generated on demand, emailed to the customer or downloaded.  
My Meter Read's customers have been raving about how easy it is to use the site, and the company is having fun demoing their solution at trade shows because the simplicity of My Meter Reads leaves their competition in the dust. 
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