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DLV Fooring is a Kansas City-based hardwood flooring company, specializing in dustless refinishing. Over the past several years there has been increasing competition in their particular market. Where their past website had done a good job with organic search rankings, DLV Flooring found themselves slipping further and further down the search results, along with their leads. And as technology advanced with phones and tablets, their website became out of date and very unfriendly when it came to mobile devices. Google AdWords campaigns were getting increasingly expensive while producing less and less valuable leads.

A Responsive SEO Solution

Webviously designed and built a custom, mobile-friendly, responsive site, and helped to craft website content that could capture the market segments DLV Flooring had been missing. Along with this SEO-engineered site, Webviously employed a video marketing platform to further boost traffic. Individually tailored pages were added for each of Kansas City's suburbs, and optimized to increase visibility in location-based searches.

Ever since launching their new site, DLV Flooring has been rocketing up the search ranks, and lead generation from organic sources is matching - even exceeding - those from AdWords campaigns.

Check it out at http://dlvflooring.com!

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