AeroTherm Pre-Heaters

AeroTherm produces a revolutionary aircraft engine pre-heater that is able to throuougly and safely heat a 0°F engine to 70°F in as little as 30 minutes.  Although they had an e-commerce site, it was nearly impossible for them to update.  And it lacked information necessary for customers to make informed decisions about their purchase, so their office was constantly answering questions and taking orders via phone.

Drupal Commerce to the Rescue

With a full, ground-up redesign of the site, Webviously built a new e-commerce platform for AeroTherm on top of Drupal Commerce, a set of extensions to the Drupal content management platform.  Drupal is an open source content management system for building dynamic websites, allowing web content to be edited without having to rely on IT personnel. Using Drupal, virtually all website content can be added and edited with very minimal web design knowledge. Images that are uploaded can be automatically formatted to the proper specifications for the website design.

This was great news for the folks at AeroTherm, as they could now update their website themselves with the latest pricing, sales, and marketing content.  But more than this, Webviously also designed the site so the PDF product documentation previously emailed to the customers manually with every order became available both right on the website, as well as automatically emailed to their customers upon placing an order.  This saves the AeroTherm staff valuable time and energy, and allows them to focus on strategic business initiatives rather than spending all their efforts fulfilling orders.

Webviously is proud to work with AeroTherm.  If you are interested in learning more about their innovative products, visit their beautiful website:

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